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Welcome! Wexe2x80x99re excited youxe2x80x99re considering an opportunity with us! To apply to this position and be considered, click the Apply button located above this message and complete the application in full. Below, youxe2x80x99ll find other important information about this position. BASIC FUNCTIONS: Performs and interprets comprehensive audiological evaluations including but not limited to: audiometry, tympanometry, otoacoustic emissions, acoustic reflex testing, auditory brainstem response, and electro/video-nystagmography. Provides hearing aid evaluations and management if needed. QUALIFICATIONS: 1.Doctor of Audiology degree preferred; however, M.S. in Audiology will be considered. 2.A minimum of three (3 years) documented and recent experience in a physician practice setting, preferably a hospital. 3.Excellent verbal, written communication skills and excellent public relations ability required. 4.Demonstrated proficiency in diagnostic evaluation of hearing, prevention, re(habilitation) services for auditory problemxe2x80x99s 5.Interprets audiometric results accurately and efficiently with excellent priotorizing and problem solving abilities. 6.Demonstrated ability to flexible and to work collaboratively with other medical professionals. 7.Eligibility for state licensure and national certifications (CCC-A) are required. Additional Job Description: Scheduled Weekly Hours: 40 Shift: Days (United States of America) Exempt/Non-Exempt: United States of America (Exempt) Company: UHC United Hospital Center Cost Center: 81 UHC ENT Address: 327 Medical Park Drive Bridgeport West Virginia

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