I hereby acknowledge that I understand that the PHI, other confidential records, and data to which I have knowledge and access in the course of my employment with Nor-Lea Hospital District is to be kept confidential, and this confidentiality is a condition of my employment. This information shall not be disclosed to anyone under any circumstances, except to the extent necessary to fulfill my job requirements. I understand that my duty to maintain confidentiality continues even after I am no longer employed. I also understand that the unauthorized disclosure of patient PHI and other confidential or proprietary information of Nor-Lea Hospital District is grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including immediate dismissal. Evaluate the patient, then perform various audiology tests based on that evaluation. Record the results for physician review. Evaluate the patient, then perform testing for balance disorders. Record the results for physician review. Document and code the physician visit note and associated procedures. Assist the physician with in-office procedures. Participate in quality improvement activities within the department . Values i – Innovation “Forward thinking” “Exploring new possibilities” “Ambitious Goals” Looks out for new and innovative approaches that will improve efficiency. Embraces and champions new ideas and encourages others to do likewise. Recognizes and rewards people and teams who are creative and innovative. This is in sharp contrast to those who tend to embrace the status quo, struggle with new approaches and discourage others when they are creative and innovative in the pursuit of increased efficiency or effectiveness. C – Compassion “Friendly countenance” “Servant attitude” “Demonstrating genuine concern” Shows genuine sensitivity to the needs, feelings and capabilities of other people. Deals with others in a pleasant manner. Treats others with respect and consideration. This is in contrast to those who are unpleasant and tend to alienate co-workers, or who seem insensitive to the needs of others and tend to demonstrate a lack of respect for others. A – Accountability “Showing integrity” “Leading by example” “Ownership and accepting responsibility” Acts in ways that demonstrate personal integrity and serves as a positive example of why others should trust the motives of the organization. Views himself or herself as a reflection of the organization by following through on commitments and accepting ownership of any mistakes he or she might make. Leaves others with the clear impression that integrity is a core value at this organization. This is in contrast to individuals who make commitments that go unmet, fail to acknowledge their role in disappointing events, or whose actions (or inaction) leave others with doubts about the level of trust that should be placed in the organization. R – Respect “Considerate of cultural diversity” “Building trust” “All people are to be valued” Demonstrates a genuine interest in the thoughts, opinions, values and needs of co-workers and customers. Avoids speaking, writing or doing other things that could be seen as disrespectful of people in their absence (or “behind their backs”). Recognizes and shows respect for the strengths and contributions of others. This is in clear contrast to behaviors that leave people feeling that their thoughts, opinions, values and needs are of little interest. E – Empowerment “Allowing others to reach their full potential: “Freedom to do what is right for our patients” “Attain and share knowledge to enrich others” Empowered in an intentional manner that allows the person to find their way, yet receiving help when needed. Using good judgment related to the level of authority given and the amount of leeway extended. This contrasts with leaders and individuals who focus more on the risks involved from the empowerment, instead of reaching the full potential of the organization. Organization Expectations Communication The process of sending and receiving messages with words, verbally, written or in sign language. Customer Focus Identifying and responding to current and future patient and other customersxe2x80x99 needs; providing excellent service to internal and external patients and other customers. Initiative Identifying and dealing with issues proactively and persistently; seizing opportunities that arise. Self-Development Lifelong, voluntary, and self-motivated learning. Teamwork Effectively work and complete assignments in group settings. Works independently and cooperatively with others to achieve common goals. One year experience in a medical setting preferred. High School graduate or equivalent. New Mexico Licensure, Registry or Certification Required CPR/AED Adults and Pediatrics Required Audiology degree program Required If you are a current employee or have previously worked for Nor-Lea Hospital District, please contact the Human Resources Department at for your correct username and password. The audiologist is responsible for the care of patients who have hearing, balance, and related ear problems. They provide evaluation, support, and testing on a daily basis to patients of all ages. The audiologist works closely with the physician and nursing staff to provide great care during the entire course of the visit. They help to document and code the physician visit note and associated procedures. They also participate in department activities related to quality improvement and perform other tasks as assigned.

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