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EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS:xe2x80xa2 College education requiredxe2x80xa2 Audiology certification strongly preferredQUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS:xe2x80xa2 Ability to work with patients and make them feel comfortablexe2x80xa2 Ability to conduct tests accurately and efficientlyxe2x80xa2 Neat, professional appearancexe2x80xa2 Strong written and verbal communication skills and cheerful attitudexe2x80xa2 Comfortable using email and interacting with Internet applicationsxe2x80xa2 Knowledge of practice management and word processing softwareResponsibilities include, but are not limited to:Audiometric Evaluationsxe2x80xa2 Discusses hearing complaints with patient and familyxe2x80xa2 Takes a complete patient history, based on ability of patient/familyxe2x80xa2 Conducts audiological evaluations, including impedance measures, air/boneconduction testing, speech reduction thresholds, pure tone thresholds, and worddiscrimination testingxe2x80xa2 Determines speech discrimination scores, performed at suprathreshold levels todetermine rollover affectxe2x80xa2 Adjusts test procedures/protocols based on patient age and test abilityxe2x80xa2 Performs otoacoustic emissions testing, as deemed necessary bycomplaint/history/age/ability of patientxe2x80xa2 Prepares complete audiology reports for referring physiciansHearing Aid Counselingxe2x80xa2 Discusses hearing test results and needs for amplification with patient/familyxe2x80xa2 Explains benefits of personal amplificationxe2x80xa2 Discusses various hearing aid options and recommends best option for patientxe2x80xa2 Makes ear mold impression(s) when patient decides on amplificationxe2x80xa2 Orders appropriate hearing aid(s)/ear molds(s)xe2x80xa2 Maintains chart notes and paperwork subsequent to each visitHearing Aid Fitting/Orientationxe2x80xa2 Takes ear mold impression(s) and checks fit of ear mold(s)xe2x80xa2 Programs/adjusts trim pots as needed to find tune hearing aid(s) to patientsatisfaction and appropriate responsexe2x80xa2 Instructs patient/family on care of hearing aid(s)/batteriesxe2x80xa2 Issues instruction material and battery warningsxe2x80xa2 Instructs patients or patientxe2x80x99s family on use of hearing aid(s); counselspatient/family on benefits of amplification and how to improve the patientslistening environmentxe2x80xa2 Verifies completion of orientation with checklistxe2x80xa2 Discusses contract and obtains acceptance signature and ordering depositxe2x80xa2 Schedules follow-up appointmentsHearing Aid ChecksNew Hearing Aidsxe2x80xa2 Discusses previous weekxe2x80x99s experiences with patient/familyxe2x80xa2 Makes aid adjustments as needed to Hearing Aid responsexe2x80xa2 Re-instructs patient on care or use of aid as requiredEstablished Hearing Aid Patientsxe2x80xa2 Assesses patientxe2x80x99s complaints regarding the device or qualityxe2x80xa2 Checks hearing aid device for defects, etc.xe2x80xa2 Cleans hearing aid as requiredxe2x80xa2 Analyzes hearing aid problems perceived by patientxe2x80xa2 Repairs aid or returns to manufacturer for repairxe2x80xa2 Outlines estimated repair costs to family/patientMaintenance of Audiometric Equipment/Suppliesxe2x80xa2 Cleans all equipment as neededxe2x80xa2 Reports any problems/need for calibration/repair to supervising audiologistxe2x80xa2 Maintains audiological education literaturexe2x80xa2 Maintains audiology supply inventoryxe2x80xa2 Reports list of needed supplies; orders supplies upon Managers approvalOtherxe2x80xa2 Meets with physicians regularly to discuss patient care issuesxe2x80xa2 Maintains patient confidentiality; complies with HIPAA and compliance guidelinesestablished by the practicexe2x80xa2 Maintains detailed knowledge of practice management and other computersoftware as it relates to job functionsxe2x80xa2 Attends team and staff meetings

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