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Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center Department: Audiology Services Position is located: 925 Union Street Work Type: Full Time Hours Per Week: 40.00 Work Schedule: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Summary : Responsibilities : Uses AIDET when greeting new patients. Treats patients, peers and staff with respect, courtesy and professionalism To provide the best patient care possible, and to assist others, if necessary, to achieve the same. Completes patient reports in accordance with departmental policy. Writes progress note of each patient visit in chart. Completes and retains all paperwork for dispensing hearing aids as required by state law. Provides preliminary check on new hearing aids upon arrival, checks settings on repaired aids upon return from manufacturer. Completes charges daily. Keeps supplies stocked. Willingly performs other duties as assigned. Administers comprehensive adult audiological evaluations with appropriate interpretations and recommendations. Administers comprehensive pediatric audiological evaluations with appropriate interpretations and recommendations. Provides thorough vestibular assessments with appropriate interpretation. Administers central auditory processing assessments with appropriate interpretation and recommendations. Administers appropriate adult auditory brainstem response evaluations with appropriate interpretation. Administers appropriate pediatric auditory brainstem response evaluations with appropriate interpretation and recommendations. Selects and fits appropriate amplification devices. Verification of amplification fitting using real ear measurements (or soundfield). Selects appropriate FM systems, calibrates and verifies settings. Maintains patient schedule to fullest capacity, within their control. Assists with program planning and department development. Successfully develops professional knowledge through continuing education and independent study. Other Information : Competencies and Skills Behaves with Integrity and Builds Trust: Acts consistently in line with the core values, commitments and rules of conduct. Leads by example and tells the truth. Does what they say they will, when and how they say they will, or communicates an alternate plan. Cultivates Respect: Treats others fairly, embraces and values differences, and contributes to a culture of diversity, inclusion, empowerment and cooperation. Fosters Accountability: Creates and participates in a work environment where people hold themselves and others accountable for processes, results and behaviors. Takes appropriate ownership not only of successes but also mistakes and works to correct them in a timely manner. Demonstrates understanding that we all work as a team and the quality and timeliness of work impacts everyone involved. Practices Compassion: Exhibits genuine care for people and is available and ready to help; displays a deep awareness of and strong willingness to relieve the suffering of others. Credentials Required Audiologist Education Required Master’s Degree Working Conditions Work with computers, typing, reading or writing. Extend body and limbs to reach items. Prolonged periods of sitting. Prolonged periods of standing. Prolonged periods of walking.

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