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Williamsburg, Virginia Overview By virtue of academic degree, clinical training and license to practice and or professional credentialing, is qualified to provide a comprehensive array of professional services related to the prevention of hearing loss and the audiological identification, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of persons with impairment of auditory and vestibular function and to the prevention of impairments associated with them. Dispenses hearing aids and releases accessories. Functions as an independent practitioner who provides services in ENT settings, private practice, hospitals, clinics or school settings. What you will do Conduct hearing and balance evaluations for patients of all ages, including pediatrics, adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients. Evaluations can include audiometry, central auditory processing evaluations, neurodiagnostic electrophysiology, and videonystagmography. Interpret results of evaluation data within the context of the patient’s perceptual, social, and communicative needs. Identifies deficit areas and communicates this information clearly to the patient as the first step in rehabilitation. Formulate, implement, and measure the efficacy of an audiological rehabilitation treatment plan using patient-centered care. This can include the use of amplification, assistive listening devices, aural rehabilitation, counseling or referrals to other specialties. Conduct hearing aid evaluations, fit and dispense hearing aids utilizing evidence-based practice, manage follow-ups and long-term care. Provide greater visibility and educational services to the community. May participate in health fairs, open houses, community events and more. Educate team members, patients and the community on hearing health and importance of hearing conservation, including annual evaluations on employees through Employee Health. Maintains educational awareness through local media as needed. Qualifications Education Masters Degree, (Required) Doctoral Degree, (Preferred) Experience 2 years Relevant experience (Preferred) Licenses and Certifications Licensed Audiologist – Virginia Department of Health Professions (VDHP) (Required) Hearing Aid Specialist (Required) To learn more about being a team member with Riverside Health System visit us at .

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