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Position Summary Audiologists are uniquely qualified specialists skilled at comprehensively evaluating the auditory and vestibular systems. Staff perform and analyze test results to make a diagnosis and determine the appropriate course of treatment or referral. Audiologists appropriately recommend and treat hearing loss with hearing aids and other assistive listening devices. In addition to counseling, aural rehabilitation and recommendation of hearing protection lifestyles and devices. Education Doctorate – Required Experience 1 – 2 Years Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations and Hearing Aid Fittings – Preferred Completed 4th year externship – Preferred License & Certification Professional License with State of Practice – Required National Certification defined as Certificate of Clinical Competency in Audiology through ASHA – Preferred Core Job Functions Audiometric and Vestibular testing in performed, interpreted and documented as per departmental/ASHA guidelines. Continuing education/licensure requirements and ASHA/AAA code of Ethics met. Demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age/cognitive ability of patients served. Patient assessment is conducted prior to testing with procedures prioritized on an ongoing basis to maximize patient safety and optimal diagnostic information. Patient interaction is kind, attentive and compassionate with procedures explained to relieve apprehensions. Significant behavioral and /or physiological changes are reported to appropriate personnel following procedure or immediately based on severity/implications. Prior to testing, medical history is obtained as it relates to test procedure with appropriate recommendations made post test based on history/test findings. Patient reports are accurate and timely entered into electronic medical record as per policy. Reports processed/charged as per protocol. Department and ASHA/AAA guidelines followed for audiometric test performance/interpretation and follow-up. Test procedures adapted for age , comfort and cognitive function of patient. Professional behavior conforms to ASHA code of ethics. Appropriately selects, fits and fine tunes hearing aids, semi-implantable aids and assistive listening devices as indicated by audiologic test results. Location: St. Joseph’s/Candler xc2xb7 CH – Candler ENT Practice Schedule: Full Time, Days, 8:00a-4:30p

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